Who are We

A global network of connected lives, cure developers and care providers.

Our Vision

Care Chain seeks to extend the length and quality of human life by empowering individuals to liberate their individual health information and catalyze the development of personalized care, medicine and cures.


Care Chain provides digital applications which enable each person to have direct access to and control of all of their health information, where that information is private and secure to each individual and easily visualized, but universally portable in whole or in part to any care provider or cure developer in the world for the purposes of receiving increasingly personalized care, medicines and cures.

More specifically, we will firstly focus on the population of people with Down syndrome. This population of 6 million people globally and 350,000 in the USA have complex medical situations. According to the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, leading scientists believe increased funding would, within a decade, significantly improve the health of people with Down syndrome, while allowing them to live fuller and more productive lives. In addition to improving the health of people with Down syndrome, increased spending would positively affect other areas of research.


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